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Meaning: Blue Sea
Population: 4,983,000
Main Minorities: Tibetan (30%) and Hui (15%)
Official Bible Schools: none

Golmud: Pop. 85,658
Gonghe: Pop. 127,904
Xining: Pop. 693,951

General situation Qinghai became a province only in 1928, primarily out of land that was formerly part of Tibet. It is named for a huge salt lake in eastern Qinghai. Xining, the capital, had 120 Christians in 1950, but now has over 6,000. However there are only nine churches and three pastors in the entire province. Xining’s three churches pale in comparison to its 140 mosques and countless Buddhist temples on the grassland.

China’s Gulag. Qinghai and neighboring Xinjiang have served as China‘s Siberia for the past 50 years. During the Anti-Rightist Movement in the 1950’s and the Cultural Revolution in the 1960’s, many Christians were sent to internal exile in Qinghai. Many never emerged alive, but others who were released later returned to evangelize there. The cases listed below, though not all in Qinghai, are representative of the Christians and others who continue to be persecuted in China today.

1. Li Qingrui, a house church leader from Henan province, was shot and critically injured on October 26, 1998, while trying to flee a police crackdown on a national meeting of church leaders in the city of Wugang in Henan. He was sent to the hospital for emergency medical care, and managed to escape with the help of friends. A nationwide warrant for his arrest has since been issued by public security officers.

2. Cheng Meiying, a missionary from Henan province, was arrested and detained on October 26, 1998, at a national meeting for house church leaders in Wugang, Henan Province. She was well-known for her work in helping to plant thousands of house churches. Sister Cheng was taken to Fangcheng Prison and beaten with batons and a water-soaked whip made of hemp rope. She suffered a complete memory loss, and because she exhibited symptoms of insanity, was released the next month.

3. In December 1998 the government gave extremely long prison sentences to the three founders of the Chinese Democratic Party. Xu Wenli was sentenced to 13 years in prison, Qin Yongmin for 12 years, and Wang Youcai to 11 years. Their trials lasted just a few hours.

4. Rev. Vincent Qin Guoliang, a Shanghai native and Catholic priest in his 60’s, has been in prison or labor camp in Qinghai for over 40 years. He was in prison from 1955-78 because of his refusal to renounce ties with the Vatican. From 1978-1991 he was confined as an "employee detainee" making bricks at the No. 4 Brick Factory in Xining. He was arrested most recently on Nov. 3, 1994 in Xining and sentenced to two years' "reeducation through labor" at a labor camp 12 miles from Xining. Father Qin was forced to carry rocks and blocks of ice in the camp, but after one month became seriously ill, and in March 1995 he was allowed to perform light duties.

1. Pray for the many prisoners who live in slave conditions in Qinghai and other parts of China’s Gulag.
2. Pray for the large Tibetan and Muslim population of Qinghai.
3. Pray for foreign and national Christians who are developing creative ways to make disciples in Qinghai. Matt. 28:19

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