Tuesday  9/25/2018   
Today's Prayer Focus:

On Sept. 25, 1938, James O. Fraser (富能仁), the apostle to the Lisu, graduated to glory in Baoshan, Yunnan at age 52. Fraser worked among the Lisu for nearly 30 years. He and a Burmese missionary, Sara Ba Thaw (巴多) developed a written script for the Lisu people; this contributed to a people movement among them that resulted in 90% of the Lisu becoming Christians. Many young Lisu are moving to cities and adapting to Chinese culture, so a great challenge is for them to walk with the Lord. Fraser wrote, “However, once we attain to a real faith, all the forces of hell are impotent to annul it. The real battle begins when the prayer of faith has been offered.” Pray for Lisu Christians to walk with God and be free from the spirits of legalism and materialism. Micah 6:8